Toba Caldera Resort, Sibisa, 22386

Jl. Kapt. Pattimura No.125 Medan 20153 Sumatera Utara

Toba : (0625) 41500 Medan: (061)450-2908

Batu Hoda Beach Muslim Friendly Attractions in Lake Toba

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Batu Hoda Beach attraction in Simanindo, Samosir is known to be very friendly with Muslim tourists.
Ira, one of the tourists from Medan to, Wednesday (11/25/2020) said, he really enjoyed the holiday in Batu Hoda Beach considering the various facilities such as the availability of clean mosques, halal indonesian food and very friendly service.” It’s nice to be here, the parking is very spacious, the beach is clean, the mosque is also clean and the food is halal,” ira said accompanied by her husband.

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Crisis Center BPODT
Crisis Center BPODT

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