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BPODT Discusses Community Demands on Authority Land

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The Governing Body of Lake Toba Authority (BPODT) continues to make persuasive efforts to communities affected by development on the Toba Authority Zone Land, Toba Regency, especially in Pardamean Sibisa Village, Ajibata Sub-District.
BPODT mediated with Mangatas Butarbutar, who claimed their land rights within the authority zone. The mediation facilitated by the Toba Government was conducted in The Caldera of Toba Nomadic Escape.Mediation reviewed about 28 unrevenated buildings on the authority’s land in Pardamean Sibisa Village.
In the meeting, BPODT offered the cost of cleaning the building if the community wanted to set it to its own. For non-permanent buildings, a total of Rp 5 million and a permanent building of Rp 20 million.”The owner of the house without permission, is not willing to demolish the building himself. Although it has been offered by BPODT,” said District Secretary Toba Audy Murphy Sitorus, Thursday (27/8).
“The Toba government continues to communicate with the community. So that development on the land can continue,” he continued.
Audy said, if mangatas butarbutar group is not a community living in Pardamean Sibisa.a. The land, audy said, was handed over to the Forestry Office (now KLHK) in 1952.
“The principle is this development for the welfare of the community,” he said.

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Crisis Center BPODT
Crisis Center BPODT

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