Toba Caldera Resort, Sibisa, 22386

Jl. Kapt. Pattimura No.125 Medan 20153 Sumatera Utara

Toba : (0625) 41500 Medan: (061)450-2908

Coordination Meeting & Synchronization of the 5 DPSP Programs DG Cipta Karya PUPR

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Meeting Room, 15th Floor Sapta Pesona Building Jakarta (13 Jan 2020):

Program Coordination and Synchronization Meeting of the 5 Priority Tourism Destinations with the Directorate General of Human Settlements, Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, at GSP Lt. 15, Jakarta December 13, 2020.

A. Present:

Kemenparekraf (Special Staff of Menparekraf, TPP 10 Destinations, Baparekraf, BPODT, 30B, BOPLBF), DG Cipta Karya-KemenPUPR

B. Purpose of Activities:

Coordination and Synchronization of the DSP 5 Program with DG Cipta Karya-KemenPUPR TA 2020.

C. Conclusion:

  1. Construction of Clean Water Transmission Pipeline Network and BWSS 2 North Sumatra Raw Water Reservoir plan in Bukit Gibeon, Ajibata District, Kab. Toba Samosir heading to the Toba Caldera Resort area has been submitted to the KSPN Task Force team Diten Cipta Karya-KemenPUPR.
  2. The Balerong Area Structuring Program in Balige, the Free Pantal Region and the commercial area opposite the Atsari Hotel in Parapat, the Waterfront Development in Pangururan and Simanindo have entered the stages of the preparation of the RAB and continued the auction at TA 2020.
    The Hutaraja and Huta Sialagan Area Structuring Program has entered the 2020 TA Auction stage.
  3. Diten Cipta Karya requires an order from the MenPUPR to build basic infrastructure within the area of ​​the Authority and until now there has not been a budget allocated for the construction of basic infrastructure within the authoritative area in FY 2020, for example: Reservoirs, WTPs and clean water networks, open drainage, Street Lighting General with Solar Panels, Fire Extinguishers, WWTPs and Waste Management Networks, Central Installations and CT Networks, Retirement Prevention Units.
  4. A Creative Hub that is intended to be a showcase and workshop facility needs to be defined by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy so that the physical building and layout planned according to the expectations of its end user.

C. Follow Up:

  1. A request for support from the Menparekraf is required to the MenPUPR which lists the need for basic infrastructure development in the area of ​​authority in 2020.
  2. Kemenparekraf will provide the definition and specifications of the Creative Hub to the Directorate General of Cipta Karya KemenPUPR on Wednesday 15 Jan 2020.



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