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Discussion Regarding Plastic Waste Processing in Sibandang Island at the BPODT office

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(20 Jan 2020) BPODT Meeting Room


Director of Kopernik Bali, Kadiv Attractions and Amenitas DDP, and DDP BPODT staff.

Summary and follow-up:

    1. Nonie Kaban, as the Director of Kopernik, delivered a quite successful Plastic Waste Management program in Bali. The program will also be carried out at Lake Toba using a cultural and psychological approach. The program proposal has been submitted beforehand to the BOPDT.
    2. The locations that will be targeted for this activity will be held in two places, Sibandang and Siosar Island. But it can also be done in other locations in the Lake Toba region, for example villages around the authority land.
    3. Nowadays many tourists care about tourist destinations that pay attention to the environment. So hopefully with this program, Sibandang Island can become a green tourism destination that cares about the environment.
    4. This plastic waste processing activity will use 4 approaches, such as:
      • Culture: Adopting a traditional system in the Batak land, Poda Na Lima.
      • Environmental Education: By involving students to be environmentally conscious.
      • Agriculture: Can be used as organic and non-organic fertilizer.
      • Incentive: People who can collect plastic waste will get a reward. Like the program in Surabaya.
    5. In the program, there are plans to sign up, film screenings and the launching of a waste free area.
    6. Later this program also aims to manufacture souvenirs which one of the ingredients comes from plastic waste.
    7. The program also aims to reduce the use of plastic straws. So that the plastic straw is replaced by using bamboo.
    8. The waste management program can hold several parties, such as private sector / CSR, environmental and cultural organizations.

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