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Dishub Samosir Distributes Life Jacket to 120 Ship Owners

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The Samosir Regency Transportation Office (Dishub) distributes 619 life jackets to 120 ship owners, from 8 sub-districts in Samosir Regency.

The distribution of the life jacket was handed over symbolically by the Regent of Samosir Rapidin Simbolon, on the page of the Office of the Transportation Office of Samosir Onan Baru Pangururan Regency, Wednesday (9/23/20).

Plt Head of Samosir Sardo Sirumapea District Transportation Office in his report said, Samosir Regency Government through the Department of Transportation always strives to help the ship owners to equip shipping safety tools, as a stimulant so that ship owners can meet the safety tools in their respective ships, so that the safety and comfort of all lake transportation users in Samosir Regency can be increased.


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Crisis Center BPODT

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