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Here Are 10 Villages in Lake Toba Circle as Pilot Project Tourism Village

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Director of the Executive Board of The Lake Toba Authority (BPODT), Ary Prasetyo said, already 10 villages in the circle of the lake were formed and designated as tourist villages. The 10 villages are expected to be role models for the planned 150 tourist villages that will be developed in the future in support of lake toba as a super priority destination.

Ary Prasetyo revealed it, at a forum group discussion (FGD), conducted virtually, followed by tourism industry players, academics, observers, religious figures and a number of journalists in the region, Saturday afternoon ( 10-10-2020). The discussion, organized by ULCLA Tourism Academy, which has been established in tarutung city, North Tapanuli Regency.

“To reach Lake Toba as a superpriority destination, infrastructure accessibility must be boosted, lake ships and major roads in the region must be improved. And, the service (of the community) there, is our concern,”” Ary said.

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Crisis Center BPODT
Crisis Center BPODT

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