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Implementation of E-Office at BPODT, Modernization of Correspondence in the Digital Age

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Technical Guidance for E-Office Applications in BPODT was held on Monday, August 31, 2020. This application is called e-Office with the nature of a web service and a single database. With the nature of web service, this application relies heavily on the network, the speed of the process is very dependent on good network conditions or not. The better the internet condition, the faster and healthier if there is a disease on the internet network, then the letter can stop. By using a single database, duplicate data in different places, as happens in manual correspondence where one letter is filed in two different places, can be avoided.

With this application, the concept of a letter that was originally printed on paper can be done in the application and can be corrected by the party or official who will give approval. The letter, originally signed and stamped on hardcopy, is sufficient to be approved on the application and a digital signature will be generated. The parties involved in making the letter will be detected and recorded in the application, starting from the executor to the last party who gave approval.

The E-Office application can be used properly by all employees at the Lake Toba Authority Implementing Body so that it can help speed up data checking and letter completeness anytime and anywhere. It is hoped that this E-Office application will be able to run well, making it easier for correspondence activities in BPODT.

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