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Increase Tourism, UMKM in Lake Toba Will Get Help

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Jakarta – UMKM around Lake Toba can get help. This was done to help improve Lake Toba’s DPSP.

During a pandemic, certainly various projects were delayed and various sectors were affected. Likewise, Lake Toba Super Priority Tourism Destination (DPSP), North Sumatra.

To help with the recovery of destinations, PT Pertamina, which is under a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN), provides assistance to businesses around Lake Toba. This assistance is called the Partnership Program.

Foto: Danau Toba (Dok. Kementerian PUPR)

“The partnership program is basically a community development activity that is to develop and empower the community, especially to awaken the economic independence of the community in the region,” said Vice President Corporate Social Responsibility and PT Pertamina Arya Paramita’s Partnership and Environmental Development Program in the Webinar “Provision and Access to Capital for UMKM Tourism Sector and Creative Economy, “Friday (06/12/2020).

This partnership will be provided in the form of capital loans to UMKM. Of course, with applicable governance.

“There are 7 sectors that we can help, agriculture, industry, trade, services, fisheries, animal husbandry plantations. and these sectors are very close to capital access, especially for the Toba Super Priority Tourism Destination (DPSP). Hopefully this can provide optimal benefits for UMKM, “said Arya Paramita.

Fostered partners will get the opportunity for skill development. So, there is a joint training program and the opportunity to take part in exhibitions abroad or domestically.

“From this point of view in 2019, we will hold 24 exhibitions at home and abroad, thank God the results of the target at that time could reach up to 11 billion,” added Arya.

To become a foster partner, there are several conditions that must be considered:

1. Stand-alone partner means self-owned and is not an affiliate of a larger industry or business.
2. Non Bankable (Has not received banking access)
3. Individual / Business Entity / Non Business Entity is not a fostered partner of another bumn partnership program
4. Business activities for a minimum of 6 months
5. Maximum turnover of 2.5 billion / year
6. Maximum net assets of 500 million, excluding land and buildings
7. Business potential and prospects are developed
8. Indonesian citizen

The procedure for registering and simulating a loan can be seen on the Pertamina website.

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