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Lagu Baru Titi DJ Didukung Jadi Theme Song Wonderful Indonesia

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Belum lama ini, Titi DJ merilis sebuah lagu baru. The single titled Show Off Your Colors is the result of a collaboration sanTiti DJ’s New Song Supported As Wonderful Indonesia Theme Songg Diva with Sara Fajira and Eka Gustiwana.The lyrics in the song invite listeners to be proud of Indonesian culture. Titi DJ even directly mentions some areas in the country.The spirit of love for culture is supported by traditional music. Even so, the strains of modern music do not miss making Show Off Your Colors sound more passionate. Lyrics containing a variety of Indonesian culture with music that supports it make many people interested in Show Off Your Colors. They even suggested that this song could be used as a way to promote Indonesian tourism.

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Crisis Center BPODT

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