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Marine Inspector of Lake Toba Calls KJA at Ajibata Port to Be Emptied

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Department of Transportation Land Transportation Management Agency (BPTD) II North Sumatra region through Marine Inspector Lake Toba Rijaya Simarmata mentioned floating net cages (KJA) along the coast of Ajibata Beach Toba District Toba Toba district will soon be empty.
“The cages around the shore of Lake Toba Ajibata region will soon be emptied. This is in accordance with the results of a joint meeting with the community in recent weeks at the Ajibata Village Head Office,” Simarmata said at Ajibata Port last week to SIB, Tuesday (9/3).
He said that all KJA in Lake Toba that is considered not included in the fish cultivation zoning should be exhausted by 2025 and the location of fish cultivation in Lake Toba is determined by the zoning system by the relevant diamonds.
“Clearly KJA along the coast of Ajibata Port will soon be emptied because it has been a mutual agreement with the community so that the shipping lanes and ship safety at Ajibata Port are not disturbed,” simarmata said.

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