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Mauli Bulung Brings The Story of Batak Death Tradition

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The latest film titled Mauli Bulung is preparing to be worked on. The film, directed by Temata, brings a story that takes place from the traditions and culture of Batak, North Sumatra.This film is a collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenparekraf RI) through the selection of the best script issued by “SCENE 2020″, a masterclass program for film and TV scenario development held by the Ministry of Justice in October 2020.” Initially, the Ministry of Parliament looked for a suitable production house to work on the script of regional writers. After the discussion and assessment process by the Ministry of Justice, we were finally able to choose one of the best manuscripts resulting from the workshop. We also have a similar initiative with the Ministry of Justice, namely Temata Locals, which is an educational and film production activity involving regional filmmakers or filmmakers who raise the theme of Indonesia,” rahabi Mandra Director of Film Production and Serial Temata Studios said in a statement received by Detikcom. Mauli Bulung tells the story of a young man named Kevin who has just been abandoned by his beloved grandmother who died. Interestingly, this departure is considered to be the most coveted death in batak tradition, called saur matua mauli bulung, which is when the oldest figure in the family dies first from his married children and grandchildren. According to Batak tradition, this death should not be challenged, but should be celebrated with a large family. Behind this event, there will be a variety of conflicts between Kevin and his family when releasing the departure of his beloved grandmother. This screenplay was written by Medan-based writer Dr. Immanuel Gintings.

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