Toba Caldera Resort, Sibisa, 22386

Jl. Kapt. Pattimura No.125 Medan 20153 Sumatera Utara

Toba : (0625) 41500 Medan: (061)450-2908

Meeting with the House of Representatives Commission X on the Specific Work Visit of the House of Representatives Commission X on Lake Toba

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Hotel Inna Parapat (February 13):


House of Representatives Commission X, Expert Staff of the Minister for Innovation and Creativity, Institutional Director of Kemenparekraf, Director of Regional Destination I Kemenparekraf Development, Managing Director of BPODT, Director of Finance, General and Combined BPODT, BPODT Marketing Director, North Sumatra Provincial Government, Regent of Kabri District, Regency . Samosir, Sekda Kab.Simalungun, Sekda Kab.Karo, Sekda Kab. Humbahas, Kadispar Kab.Taput, Kadispar Kab.Tobasa, Sekda Kab.Pak Pak Bharat.

Commission X (Sofyan Tan):

  1. Tourism development strategies by enhancing the image through marketing innovation and with the added value of creative economy.
  2. 5 The Super Priority Region will really become a priority for the President and the Kunker. This is intended to see first hand the development of Lake Toba as a DSP in infrastructure, marketing and community development, in this Kunker Commission X also absorbs some of the difficulties or problems that exist in Lake Toba in order to helped solve it.
  3. With the merger of Kemenpar and Ekraf getting better and easier because in every talk about tourism there must be a creative economic growth that can be superior and can increase people’s income.

Expert Staff of the Minister for Innovation and Creativity:

  1. There must be the ability to offer to tourists, when they arrive, they are presented with a welcome and a show to be interesting
    in order to realize 10 new Bali.
  2. There is a program to encourage the creative sector and its potential will be evaluated.
  3. There must be confidence in being able to improve the economy and become added value.
  4. The mentality of the community must be conscious.
  5. International scale attractions have been promoted such as Toba Caldera World Music.
  6. There are so many programs from Kemenpar to support the regions.

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