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Meeting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in preparation for the visit of the King and Queen of the Netherlands

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(17 Jan 2020) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

A. Present:

Dir Protocol and Consular of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Head of Foreign Foreign Office Head of Foreign Affairs, Embassy of the Netherlands, Kasubsi PLW Lanud Halim, Head of Adm Pom, North Sumatra Regional Secretary, North Sumatra Protocol, Governor of North Sumatra Province, Palangkaraya Regional Representative, Yogyakarta Regional Representative, Presidential Protocol, Media and Presidential Palace Bureau, Indonesian Navy, Managing Director BPODT, Regional Head of Regional Marketing BPODT.

B. Summary:

    1. The King of the Netherlands and the Queen of the Netherlands will come with the main delegations such as the Minister and essential delegation to Indonesia.
    2. The visit will be held on March 9-13, 2020. And arrive at Silangit Airport on March 13, 2020.
    3. During his visit the King of the Netherlands will visit several cities starting from Jakarta, Bogor, Yogya, Palangkaraya and North Sumatra.
    4. Coordination Meeting for Post-Presidential Security and Regional Security will be held at least 5 days before H.
    5. Welcoming officials, forkopimda is expected to welcome the King and Queen must consist of mother and father (bring a partner).
    6. Only the Foreign Minister was in the same plane as the King while the other Ministers were expected to be on standby at the location.

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