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Open Entrepreneurial Training for Artisans Endang Budi Karya Hopes That Sumut Craftsmen Can Break Through The International Market

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Chairman of The New Entrepreneurial Business Area of the National Craft Council (Dekranas) Endang Budi Karya Sumadi accompanied by North Sumatra’s Dekranasda Chairman Nawal Edy Rahmayadi officially opened a New Entrepreneurial Training event for Artisans in the Surrounding Samosir Tourism Area, Thursday (15/10) afternoon, at The Caldera toba Nomadic Escape in Toba Regency. In his speech, Endang said, Indonesia has now started to enter the era of 4.0. Therefore, it is expected to be utilized by local artisans to penetrate the international market. Among other things, using information technology that is widely available today.“Indonesia has now reached the era of 4.0, we must make good use of this, because digitization can break through the barriers of time and distance in doing business. Therefore Dekranas encourages the sale of craft products with online platforms, so as to expand its product marketing to international,” said Endang.To the people around Lake Toba, Endang also ordered, to prepare, because Lake Toba as a super priority tourism will soon become one of the preferred destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists.

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Crisis Center BPODT

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