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Coordinating Meeting on The Availability of Consultants to Complete Key Deliverbles In Accordance with the Contract for The Preparation of Master Plan and Detailed Plan of Development and Development of Lake Toba Paratourism Area

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October 12, 2020, Yodya Tower 4th Floor Meeting Room

Meeting Participants:
Dir. DDP BPODT, PT. Prismaita, JLL, KSO Yodyakarya, Bumi Harmoni.

1. The delivery of progress in outline is as follows:

  • Progress Report Between is currently not maximal;
  • To maximize progress to immediately carry out a series of Workshops and or FGD by engaging local governments, investors including professional associations and other stakeholders, with the aim of gaining recognition from other agencies about the existence of projects that are being implemented;
  • FGD related to government regulations, such as PU, PLN, Drinking Water etc, has not been done in detail;
  • Related ME me work is currently still limited to the scope of banguna only, not yet masterplan;
  • ESIA IPDP : There is a need for social and environmental costs to be included in the property review;
  • Fulfillment or determining experts or persons responsible for communication needs between each sub-occupation according to their respective sub-fields;
  • Fulfillment of experts in accordance with their respective sub-fields;
  • Field case: planning, supervision (field work) has been done synchronizing the work well;
  • To facilitate the smooth work of DED, to be able to immediately facilitate the fulfillment of geodesic experts, where there is currently a difference in the number and location of trees, in the field with in detail images;
  • To immediately agenda the presentation of progress as well as a list of supporting data needs from each person in charge of sub-field work or TA;
  • Target/time line progress DED work to be created immediately (Infrastructure, structure, ME architecture, etc.);

2. In general, the acceleration of progress work on the preparation of master plan and detailed plan of development and development of lake toba tourism area is expected to be back on track in the remainder of the running time by maximizing coordination and communication between yodya kso team;.
3. Service providers are expected to be guided by implementation guidelines which include: Place making strategy, Smart development, Universal design strategy, Quality engineering standards of work results, reference hokum etc. is expected to be executed in accordance with the implementation guidelines that have been made since the beginning;
4. As a record not all buildings are held and financed by BPODT, some are organized by related and interested agencies (Cooperatives, PUPR, Environment, Ministry of Economy, etc.) and are cooperated with investors or third parties;
5. Progress of The Property Sub Field is as follows:

  • Property progress 80%, the remaining 20% includes cash flow, or cashflow;
  • Some complementary data required by the Property sub-field team: infrastructure cost data, such as land maturation, etc;
  • The needs of the teams and ta to be on the list and in the codinir by the Team Leader;
  • Time Line And Working Plan;
6. Progress of The Property Sub Field is as follows:
It is necessary to make progress exposure / report from each person in charge of each sub-field accompanied by input from the person in charge of other sub-fields, and the strategy of accelerating the work;
7. Quantity Surveyor Work Progress (QS):
  • BPODT Building, MSME, Cultural Centre fencing DLL area Excluding landscap
  • Initial Cost calculation for regional gate and fence work will be completed in October 2020
  • Create QS progress as well as a list of data
  • Unit Price Analysis Reference is expected to use Standard Unit Price District /local city (not to use journal)
  • Initial cost result in the form of block plan to continue in kordinasikan with property team
  • The output of qs team calculations is created in calculation stages ranging from initial cost to cost detail
  • Progress or qs team calculation results to date have been in accordance with the last progress results of the U+ planner team from the results of the last meeting in the parapet
8. To improve communication between the persons in charge, in the weekly offline meeting that will be carried out each person in charge of the sub field of work is expected to attach work planning / timeline that describes the progress of what work is dummy and critical, and the acceleration efforts required
9. Here are some work that needs to be prepared, namely:
  • The mockup work includes the cost of mobilizing and the location of the mockup. (Mockup plan will be put in Toba)
  • Typical building signature request and master plan target week to October 2, 2020
10. Progress of legal and institutional work:
  • 75% legal sub-field job progress presentation
  • The budget of several buildings (facilities) in the area of the planning area is organized by the relevant and interested government as well as investors or third parties, for example botanical etc.
  • Budget of places of worship held by BPODT
  • For the budget of Gedung Data centre procurement scheme was created 2 alternatives (organized and managed by BPOT or in cooperation with third parties)
11. Masterplan and DED progress include:
  • KKOP Progress : The results of the initial meeting with KKOP, it is already known the areas affected by KKOP
  • The existing condition has very tall trees, the building will not be taller than the existing tree
  • Currently awaiting KKOP regulation, week two of October 2020
  • To conduct an advanced coordination meeting with KKOP in the week to October 2, 2020
  • Progress masterplan, has been scheduled at 80%
  • The next remaining stage of financial analysis
  • Some minor masterplan work include: Repair in the main substation area and BOA determination
  • Furthermore, DED technical progress will be reviewed on Tuesday 13 October 2020
  • It will soon be created to minimize changes made or as an Authority for administrative and baseline needs


Conclusion and Follow-up:
1. All Teams to return to work by following the guidelines agreed in the FGD Preliminary Report in June 2020 (attached), especially taking into account External Environment Factor (EEF)such as regulations2, local government policy, standards2, planning K/L etc
2. Socialization / FGD involving stakeholders concerned related to the preparation of The Land Authority to be done immediately, so that the structured RIRD gets legitimacy
3. Experts who have not been onboard such as TA Geodesi etc. to be hired immediately and onboard to validate the limits of the authority’s land coordinates
4. Need additional Surveyor personnel on site so that TA does not have to handle the field and can focus on planning
5. Lidar Topography Survey starts late, should have entered from the beginning because before planning must be known in advance the condition of the existing surface
6. ESIA is also a bit late (existing environmental conditions) and IPDP even just started the survey, should now be finished and can provide input to FS related Social Cost
7. PM as integrator in order to build better communication in the team
8. Basic Design Team (WATG and Urban+) to immediately request TT kpd Dirut BPODT related to approved MP Layout (as Baseline) so that other teams, especially DED and Estimator can continue to complete their work
9. Agreed to be held workshop on Tuesday 13 Oct 2020 in the same place as the agenda: Exposure to Progress of each Team and input required by each Team from the other Team. Invitation will be issued by YK KSO

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