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Sigapiton Prepares to Become a Tourist Village

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Sigapiton villagers continue to make improvement welcoming the designate of their village as a tourist village. In addition to preparing the infrastructure of the road to the village, villagers also actively practice traditional dances as cultural attractions that will be displayed to tourists.

“We’ve been looking forward to this village becoming a tourist village. The encouragement of the Lake Toba Authority (BPODT) and the Toba Government has been numerous for our village. So we certainly have to be prepared, ” said Hasian Simaremare, a member of the Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) told reporters, Monday (31/8).

Hasian Simaremare, who is also a culturer of Sigapiton village sees many things that can attract tourists visiting Sigapiton. The village is located just below the hills of The Calderdera, an amenities of Toba Caldera Resort (TCR) developed by BPODT. Sigapiton village is also considered very interesting because it is on the shores of Lake Toba with exotic scenery.

“So we are very much waiting to be made sigapiton as a tourist village. BPODT should no longer be bothered with the issue of indigenous land or anything else, because we desperately want the development of tourism in this area to materialize,” said Hasian again.

Meanwhile, Selma Br Gultom, one of the housewives who actively participated in traditional dance training created by BPODT, called on all parties to help the realization of the tourism area in Sigapiton.

“We’ve been benefiting from BPODT all the time. We were taught to dance, to be prepared by the teacher, we wanted to be invited and to perform to present our culture,” he said excitedly. (REL)

The head of dolok sipiak workshops led by Corry Paroma Pandjaitan synergizes with Dalihan Natolu Sigapiton, this training is one of the efforts of cultural preservation. Because culture is part of the Batak civilization.

TIt’s not just dance. It’s a Prayer. Pray for this place to be better for the next generation.
There are some basic Tor” taught as berikut :

1. Cultural training or Tor” Batak starts with tor” training (first) where the dance is to plead with the creator for the show to be successful and smooth.

2. Godang alu-alu Tu debata or dance notification to the almighty so that in the customary event given health, peace and success in the future.

3. Gondang somba (worship dance) is called tor-tor somba which is a dance by worshipping the almighty or in the custom of batak Tor” to the guest of honor in batak language said Hula-hula) in this dance the team of dancers must bow their heads and look down.

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