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The Development of a Tourism Village on Lake Toba Will Be Done Soon

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Marves-Jakarta, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut B. Pandjaitan stated, that the development of the Tourism Village in Lake Toba’s Super Priority Destination (DSP) must be carried out immediately.
“Now we only have to discuss who does what, time table, how much money is spent, in July we start working, if we can’t back down for a month. Then, we divide the work to the relevant ministries / institutions so that we integrate the Batak culture experts. All of this has been illustrated what must be done by each ministry / agency, so coordination must also be strict even though we are phsycal distancing, “he said in a video conference on the Coordination Meeting of Tourism Village Development at DSP Lake Toba, held on Wednesday (4/15/2020).
There are 10 Tourism Villages planned to be developed at DSP Lake Toba, the 10 Villages are located in Humbang Hasundutan Regency (3 Villages), Toba Regency (4 Villages) and North Tapanuli Regency (3 Villages). From all these villages there are various main needs, especially infrastructure that must be addressed, including improving road access (7 villages), clean water supply (5 villages), HR training (3 villages) and repairing traditional houses (2 villages).

Later, seven ministries will work together to support the needs that have been mutually agreed upon, for example, Kemenparekraf will pursue the completion of the Tourism Village master plan and mentoring and training to increase community capacity to manage the Tourism Village.
Then, the Ministry of PDT will assist in managing Village Funds for joint needs and mentoring for BUMDES management. Then, the Ministry of Public Works will improve road access to and within the village area, repair community houses to be used as homestays, arrange residential areas, and construct waste and WWTP treatment facilities.
The Ministry of Transportation will carry out the construction of docks and stops for Water Bus stops and the provision of tourist transportation by Water Bus. There is also the Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Communication and Information and also BUMN, such as Pertamina and the private sector, namely Airy, also do not miss the participation of the local government that must translate the support and strong desire of the local community.
Furthermore, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Wishnutama, will follow up on the results of a visit he conducted together with Menko Marves. He suggested, reflecting from tourist destinations around the world, their success was, by maintaining a thick atmosphere with local wisdom and culture, and the most important thing was accessibility and cleanliness.

“So we hope the Regents to focus on cleanliness and waste management. Our task is also to look for the creative potential of young people who still uphold their customs and culture, “he said.
The Minister of Public Works and Public Works, Basuki Hadimuljono also stated, that his party had begun construction of various infrastructures, some of which were already in the auction process and were targeted for 2020 as scheduled.
“The Lake Toba DSP program and others, as conveyed by the Coordinating Minister of Luhut earlier, have begun to work and have begun the auction process, all in June – July this year can already begin,” he explained.
The Minister of Communication and Information Johny G. Plate also revealed his readiness, namely by optimizing the network needed as the coordinate of the region that needed internet network.
“At some point we still need a network, so we need to provide fast information, so that providers can build quickly too,” he explained.
The Director General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation said, several piers have also begun to be built, and for shipyards, they have been budgeted and can be started in 2021. And from the Director General of Civil Aviation the Ministry of Transportation, also stated, for Sibisa Airport, the runway can already be landed by similar medium-bodied ATR.

In his report on the virtual coordination meeting, the Acting Deputy for the Coordination of Tourism and the Economy Ministry of Marves, Odo R.M. Manuhutu revealed, among other things, that his party had been carrying out intense communication with the Menparekraf for more than a month. According to him, the development of the Tourism Village in the Lake Toba DSP should include local culture and local wisdom and also use regional languages ​​as a noble heritage of the Batak people.
“Sigapiton village is still very thick in culture and local wisdom, Sigapiton will be an example for the construction of 9 other villages,” he concluded.

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