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Toba Caldera Geopark, Special With 16 World Heritage

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The Ministry of Tourism establishes Lake Toba Geopark as one of the super priority destinations in Indonesia. Now the Lake Toba Caldera Geopark is proposed to enter the UNESCO Global Geopark (UGG). “Why do you have to get an UGG stamp? In the framework, destination development always uses the concept of 3A, Attractions, Access and Amity. If you want to become a global player, you have to use global standards, “said Tourism Minister Arief Yahya, as quoted by (9/3/2019).
The Toba Caldera region has beautiful natural and cultural panoramas. The Toba caldera was formed from the devastating eruption of the Toba volcano, about 74,000 years ago. The Ancient Toba Volcano eruption left a deep curve at the bottom of the caldera which then filled with water, and now we know as Lake Toba. Its depth reaches around 550 meters and its width is 1,130 square kilometers.
After the eruption and the formation of a caldera or lake, the geological event also created another formation, namely Samosir Island. This occurs due to removal of most of the lake to the surface. Because of its history and special geological character, in January 2018, the Lake Toba region was inaugurated as the National Toba Caldera Geopark.
Starting from Pusuk Buhit
The definition of Geopark according to Document 38 C, Paris 2015 General Conference is a geographical, single and integrated region that has a geological site and landscape that has important value to the world. This area is managed with a comprehensive concept, including protection, education and sustainable development.
To understand the Toba Caldera Geopark we must start the journey from Pusuk Buhit on Samosir Island. We must cross Lake Toba from Parapat by ferry, landing in the Tomok area, Samosir. Pusuk Buhit can be reached from Tomok by car for about 3 hours. This is where the magnificent building stands, the Toba Caldera Geopark Information Center.
The Toba Caldera Geopark is centered in the peak area, the village of the Batak King, on the slopes of Pusuk Buhit Mountain. From this area is believed to be the origin of the Batak people. From here, Batak people go to all parts of Indonesia and the world. From the place of residence and development of the Batak King and his descendants, along with the historical and cultural heritage of the Pusuk Buhit Geosite lay in the Toba Caldera Geopark.
There are many historical relics in this Pusuk Buhit. There are sites, paddy fields, hundreds of years old Batu Hobon, stoves, and hill slopes of the Raja Batak village. The culture is also rich in art, tor-tors dances, and songs with meaningful rhymes.
Toba Caldera Geopark preserves three diversity, namely geodiversity or diversity of rocks and biodiversity. Then culture diversity or cultural diversity, as developed in the village of the Batak King. As well as biodiversity or biodiversity of the botanical ethno Batak, carried out at the center of the preservation of typical Batak plants that are starting to be hard to find. Like sampinur rope, hariara, dingol, aurekce, andaliman and jabi-jabi.
Besides Pusuk Buhit, the Toba Caldera Geopark also has 15 other cultural, geological and biological heritages, which are now the leading tourist destinations in the largest lake region in Southeast Asia. Anything? Sipiso Piso – Tongging, Silalahi Sabungan, Haranggaol, Sibaganding Parapat, Taman Eden, Balige – Liang Sipege – Meat, Situmurun – Blok Uluan, Huta ginjang, Muara – Sibandang, Sipinsur – Baktiraja, Bakkara – Tipang, Tele – Liang Sipege – Meat, Situmurun – Blok Uluan, Huta ginjang, Muara – Sibandang, Sipinsur – Baktiraja, Bakkara – Tipang, Tele – Pangururan, Hutatinggi – Sidihoni , Simanindo – Batu Hoda and Ambarita – Tuk Tuk – Tomok.

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