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Toba’s New Face, Wants to be Known as a Geopark

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Jakarta – One of the five super priority destinations namely Lake Toba has homework to do branding, which distinguishes it from other super priority destinations. One aspect that is favored by the Lake Toba region is the lake itself which is actually a caldera. This caldera was formed from three giant volcanic eruptions around 73-75 thousand years ago or in prehistoric times.
Now, in addition to the caldera that has actually been known for a long time, the largest volcanic lake in the world will also be branding as a geopark. This was explained by the Managing Director of the Lake Toba Tourism Authority Agency (BOPDT) Arie Prasetyo in a tourism discussion held by MarkPlus, Inc.
“We see this geopark and caldera to be a strong enough brand, which may not be realized, which we will adopt as its spirit or philosophy that underlies the attractiveness of Lake Toba itself,” Arie said.
Lake Toba itself has been included in the UNESCO Global Geopark which will be inaugurated in April 2020. With this title, Lake Toba already has an international brand that is expected to make it increasingly known to the world.
Reporting from the Indonesian Charm site, Monday (2/2/2020), geopark or geological park is an area that has geological elements where the local community also has a role to protect and enhance its function. To be able to become a member of a geopark recognized by UNESCO, an area must have three ongoing activities, namely conservation, education and geotourism.
Besides Lake Toba, other geoparks in Indonesia are Batur Global Geopark, Bali, Gunung Sewu Geopark in Central Java-DIY-East Java, Ciletuh – Ratu Geopark’s Port in West Java, Rinjani Lombok Geopark, and Merangin Geopark in Merangin District, Jambi.
Lake Toba, which is the pride of North Sumatra, has an area of ​​1,145 square kilometers. Various tourist activities a traveler can do there. One of them on Samosir Island there are several villages and interesting waterfalls that can be visited. There is also a contemporary glamping tour called The Caldera.
To support Toba tourism which wants to be world-class, various infrastructures have been built there such as direct flight access to Silangit Airport, revitalization of several ports, the construction of Kualanamu-Tebing Tinggi toll road, Tebing Tinggi-Pematang Siantar, and to expand access to Prapat.



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