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Traditional Sports Become A Trauma Recovery Media for Children Affected by Sinabung Eruption

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Mount Sinabung in Karo Regency, North Sumatra which recently erupted again twice with short time intervals. This eruption released a column of ash as high as ± 5,000 meters above the summit of Mount Sinabung.
From the eruption, the team of lecturers of PKM Universitas Quality Berastagi Prodi Pendidikan Olahraga helped the citizens affected by the eruption of Sinabung by carrying out a service in the form of traditional sports games to become a recovery media for the affected children as explained by one member of PKM Janwar Frihasan Sinuraya MPd, Thursday (1/10/2020).
“By nurturing and promoling folk games and traditional sports in addition to children getting complex motor development we have also participated in maintaining a culture that will be maintained until the next generation,” he said.
Then Rizki Bastanta B Manalu MPd added that this activity is not only to re-introduce traditional game culture to children but can also be used to entertain them as a media for recovery of trauma due to the impact of mount Sinabung eruption.
The PKM team also said that the children there are very enthusiastic about folk games such as enggrang, terompah, gasing, engklek and tug of war.

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