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Wagub Sumut Appreciation Festival Mardoton Samosir, Event Preservation of Batak Ancestral Tradition

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Another one in an effort to preserve the culture of the ancestral heritage of the Batak tribe, namely the Mardoton Festival (tradition of catching fish), this year was again held on the shore of Lake Toba, Tuktuk Siadong Samosir, North Sumatra, Saturday (13/03/2021). The festival, which was attended by many community groups, was successfully held by the Taoist Children’s Community. The festival was also a release of entertainment thirst for the community in the midst of the frenzied tensions samosir election 2020 the results of which continued the dispute in the current COURT. In addition to attended by the public and tourists, The Deputy Governor of Sumut, Musa Rajekshah and Vice Chairman of TP PKK Sumut, Sri Ayu Mihari, and The Tourism Cadre of Samosir, Dumosch Pandiangan, as well as community leaders and religious leaders of Tuktuk Siadong Village, also attended the festival. Febry Tua Siallagan from The Taoist Children’s Community, said, Mardoton Festival held to coincide with the month of Sipaha Sada (first month) on the Batak calendar, focusing on education through several series of activities.

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